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Pink Heels & Polka Dots

a space dedicated to two things:

1) SHOWCASING businesses that have been built by chasing dreams and
2) INSPIRING new dream chasers!

For several years now, I have watched in awe as family members, friends and even acquaintances have stepped out on faith to pursue their passions and dreams.  I applaud them for their dedication and determination and hope to use this blog to spread the word about their great products, services and/or organizations. I have also talked in length with those who spoke of great ideas and visions but have failed to move beyond talk and in the direction of their destiny.  Yes, fear, doubt, limited finances and a slew of other issues may appear to be standing in your way today but remember, these are not unique to only you. Those featured on this blog will share with you the story of their journey and it is my hope that you will find something in their stories that will teach you how to overcome your challenges and enourage you to keep pressing toward your dream. And when you’ve chased that dream down, let us know so that you too can be among those featured here on PINK HEELS & POLKA DOTS!

Phillipians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me