No Just  I love it when something challenges me to re-think a way of doing things and approach day-to-day situations with a new perspective. The quote above has done just that. It was the advice My ArBelle owner Kymberli Jay gave herself after realizing that she had spent several months dreaming about trees, developing a business plan, designing a website and purchasing business cards but still was not actively advertising or creating actual products to sell. Now don’t get me wrong, proper planning is important, but at some point, you have to set sail and begin the journey. As Kym says, and obviously I’m still learning, you can plan but “you can’t plan to be perfect”.

          Out of all that we discussed, those six little words, hit send and go with it, resonated with me the most. Why? Because I am the QUEEN of procrastination!  No, I’m not too lazy to do the work but my internal battle against the need for perfection is often paralyzing. Prime example….my last post was over two weeks ago, and that’s not because I didn’t have something I wanted to share. Plain and simple,  I was over thinking everything and in a rut of  “planning for perfection.”

          Initially, the  plan was to create and then post an inspirational image using this quote. This should have been a quick and easy task, right? Think again. First problem, I couldn’t decide on a picture for the backdrop. As a photographer, my preference is to use my own work rather than clip art or stock images so I began searching through the many shots that I’ve taken recently. Unfortunately nothing I had seemed to fit the phrase. Then I considered taking a new picture … maybe one depicting an email on a computer screen with everything blurry except the send button. Sounded great but there were still more decisions to be made. If I was going to take this picture, where  would I place the computer so that it had just the right background etc. With every decision made, another possible option would pop in mind causing me to second guess the previous decision. I mean, I was really giving this thing some serious thought until it finally hit me……my need or desire for perfection was the thing preventing me from actually moving forward. Wasn’t that contrary to what the quote represented to begin with? Not that the image shouldn’t be pleasing to the eye, but at the end of the day, it was the message that I really wanted to focus on. I knew time was ticking (at least according to my own timetable) and I needed to hit the send button on something, so I decided to keep it sweet and simple. Some bright-colored words on a brightly colored background and there you have it! Sure, it could have been more detailed with intricate design elements but I am pleased with the outcome. Even better, I finally got it out of my head and here for you to read about today! The next time you find yourself going around and around in your head about something, consider if it’s just time to hit the button and go with it. It may not be perfect, but sometimes it’s better to have something slightly imperfect up and running for the world to see than to have the perfect idea stuck where no one but you can find it.