On Friday night, I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the release of the Everyday Jesus album by Anthony Brown and group therAPy. If you like music and ever have the opportunity to attend a “listening party”, I encourage you to take  full advantage. I’ve been to two (this being my second) and think they are just the coolest things!  You listen to highlights from different songs, the artist sings a little, but best of all, you get to hear the stories behind the music…..the circumstances, joys, pains, up and downs of life which the artist draws from when writing. Anyway, when talking about the song entitled Worth, Anthony told a story that started with him sitting in the choir stand at church one day and receiving a text from a friend who was seated in the congregation. He was having a bad day and the friend could tell just by looking at him. The text simply asked if he was okay. Because this was someone he trusted, he didn’t try to fake-the-funk, but was honest about what he was feeling. The friend sent a text back immediately, this time telling him to look up. Now keep in mind, this isn’t a small church at all. The sanctuary seats 4000 people and at this particular time in the service, they were all seated. As Anthony looked up, the first person he saw was his friend. He was the only one standing, and as if there was no one else in the room but the two of them, he wrapped one arm around his chest and under the other as if in an embrace, pumped his fist against his chest a few times and mouthed, “I got you”. 

“I…. Got…. You”

Those three words didn’t make the problem go away but they did remind Anthony that he wasn’t alone, they reminded him that there was someone who cared enough for him to recognize when he was not at his best, and they reminded him that he was loved! We all may not have that friend in a physical form, but Worth is a reminder to all of us  that we have an even better friend who we can run to always. Check it out!

I wanted to share Anthony’s story because it reminds me of why I started Pink Heels and Polka Dots to begin with …. to be like that friend who stood up and said “I Got You”. Whether you are already starting to build your business, or are sitting on an idea or vision but not sure where to begin, or even if you decided a long time ago that you didn’t have what it takes to consider anything other than getting a 9-5, my prayer is that you will find something on this site that encourages you and moves you further along towards your destiny. If however, that was not the purpose of our encounter today, and you never decide to visit this site again, I totally understand. In the end, I am still thankful for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you, hope that you took the time to listen to the track and pray that you click away knowing your WORTH so that when problems, obstacles, or even nay-sayer come your way, you can feel confident that you are loved and even when others may not be there when you need them, “Gods-Always -Got -Your-Back”!