Are you missing out on everyday opportunities to share your vision with the world? Have you ever considered that the most random encounter with a stranger may actually be the very connection you’ve been waiting for to move your idea to the next level? Continue reading to find out how our featured entrepreneur has responded to a few of her own everyday encounters and the impact they have had on her business.


         Personalized tags reading “Tree Gal” are sure to draw a lot of attention. When My ArBelle owner, Kymberli Jay,  pulled up beside one of Philly’s Finest, she was greeted with a, “Hey Tree Gal. Got any Tree?”. Obviously the officer had come to his own conclusion as to what the “tree” on the tag stood for but that didn’t bother Kym at all. With no hesitation, she looked him square in the eye, flashed her pretty little smile and responded “Actually, I do”. She proceeded to get out of the car, remove one of her products from the trunk and approached to give him a closer look. The officer obviously made no arrest, and Kym made no sale that day. However the seed had been planted. Months later, and when the time was right, he would remember the tag, the girl but more importantly, the tree, and would become another  My ArBelle client. 

Scenario 2:

         After placing an order at the Dunkin Donuts drive thru, Kym became engrossed in a conversation  with a friend and drove right past the pick-up window. Realizing her mistake, she walked back to the window, where she was greeted again with the now familiar “Hey Tree Gal” (I’m telling ya’ll, that tag is working). You know what she did don’t you? Yup, grabbed another tree and began a full-fledged conversation STANDING AT THE WINDOW. Never mind the cars lined up behind her…this was all about business! It turns out that the employee is actually an artist, and because of their encounter, the two plan to collaborate on future projects

Scenario 3:

         On a shopping trip to New Hope with a friend, Kym found herself in need of quarters for the parking meter. She was parked in front of a quaint little shop and decided to go in and ask for change. She was intrigued with the overall decor and could envision her trees in an environment just like this. So….back to the car she went, grabbed a tree and showed it to the clerk, who immediately took interest. The clerk suggested that she leave it on display for the owner to see, and of course Kym took full advantage of the opportunity. She left her tree, but not before finding the perfect location for display and adding a few of the shop’s jewelry pieces already on sale. Needless to say, the owner fell in love, and My ArBelle trees are now a permanent fixture in the shop.

          Are there any limits (other than those that are obviously illegal or immoral)  to which you would go to get your product in the hands of a consumer? Do you believe in your business or idea  as much as Kym believes in hers? If so, take her advice, and “when the feeling comes, just go with it.” Push the limits on where you believe your ideas “fit in”, find opportunities to share them with any and everyone that will listen and then watch everyday experiences turn into incredible business opportunities again and again!