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ArBelle, a combination of the Spanish word “arbol” meaning tree and the French word “belle” meaning beautiful. Put them together, add a little touch of Kymberli Jay and there you have it….My Beautiful Tree or My ArBelle. Also known as Tree Gal, this petite, mother of one, holds a degree in Marketing and International Business from Temple University. Becoming a big-time corporate professional was the plan until several years ago when life’s events altered that course in a way she could have never imagined. Today she is an entrepreneur with a phenomenal product selling across the United States. She won’t stop there though. Oh no…. this Philly girl has enough new product ideas whirling around in her head to ensure the company continues to grow and to challenge the way the world looks at something as simple as a tree and it’s branches. 

The Birth of an Idea                                                     

In 2011, Kymberli was inspired by an image of a centerpiece, made from a branch and adorned with crystals. She was in search of a wedding centerpiece for “a friend’s wedding” ….we’ll come back to that in a minute..…and decided to give this idea a try. She took a branch from her backyard, placed it in a vase and added some rocks. Instead of crystals (wouldn’t you know it…there were no more Swarovski crystals just lying around the house), she hung two necklaces, then a bracelet and so on. There began the idea of the jewelry tree which has since expanded to her number one selling product, the guest book tree, and of course has found it’s way to the originally intended destination as the perfect wedding centerpiece.


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Interestingly enough, Kym never had the opportunity to create a centerpiece for that “friend”. You know her, the one we tend to create when we find it difficult to accept that the story we are telling is our own. You got it! It was Kym who in 2011 was head over heels in love and planning a wedding however that relationship would come to an end leaving her heartbroken. Through it all though, she continued to work on her trees and her business ideas. The turning point was the day she woke up and vividly remembers declaring to herself…“I’m not worrying about what I can’t control anymore! Worrying only about what I can control.” She made a tree and took it straight to her landlord. Months earlier, while in the office discussing an eviction notice, she shared the concept she had for this new business. Despite the real purpose of the meeting, the landlord appeared intrigued by this idea and Kym never forgot it. She is happy to say that she not only made good on her rent, but that the landlord actually became her first customer when she purchased the jewelry tree that same day!

Women today are filled with passions for great causes and dreams of entrepreneurship. Often times they are placed on a shelf with plans to revisit them once we tend to our relationships or other emotional baggage. The problem is, that time, far to often, never comes. Kym faced a situation which for many, would have led to the dream being moved from the shelf….. straight to the garbage can but not Kym. How did she manage to juggle the heartache of a breakup with the desire to pursue a personal dream? What advice would she give another in the same position? I asked and she replied…Use One to Fuel the Other!

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